"36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and visual artists to express their unique interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet. For each edition, all participants share their artworks via Instagram by uploading their typographic interpretations of each letter and number to their profiles, while using the project’s hashtags plus the daily hashtags to submit their work and enter the challenge. The 10th edition took place from 10 April until 15 May 2023."
Brushlettered on A4 sheets of paper. Rather than coming up with a new letter every day, I used this project to practice my brushlettering skills. 
Brushpens/brushmarkers used: Royal Talens brush pens, Faber Castell PITT artist pens, TomBow dual brushpens, Winsor and Newton brushmarkers and Hema brushpens. 
Source material: Handbook and workbook 'Alfabet! Brushlettering voor iedereen' by Carla Kamphuis, handouts by Petra Typo and examples found on Pinterest. 
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