Helping you to communicate better, in a visual and consistent way.
Hi there! My name is Annelies Stalpaert and I am a graphic designer with a love for (hand)lettering, on top of 10 years of communications & project management experience. I'm from Belgium and that's also where I currently live, after some time spent in Poland and the UK. In the past I have worked as a Project Manager and Communications Officer in the public and non-profit sector, with a focus on European projects. At the moment I work part-time as a Graphic Designer and Communciations Officer at the Coudenberg Palace, focusing on Annelies Designs during the rest of my time. 
My love for calligraphy evolved into sketchnoting, handlettering and chalklettering over the years. In 2022 I completed a graphic design course at Syntra Brussels and have been doing graphic design work on the side ever since. 
How can I help you? 
Because of my background in communications and project management, I look at projects from a wider perspective than just graphic design. My aim is to help you achieve your (communication) goals in the best visual way possible and work with you in a transparent and timely manner. So do your existing branding materials need an update or are you looking for something completely new? Whether it's graphic design or lettering, I would be very happy to help!
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