Design of the new business cards for JINT vzw, following the update of their branding. Bold colours, bilingual job titles and a blank version with QR-code were all part of the outcome. 
Programme used: Adobe InDesign.
Images by Cr8tiv Yemmy
While working at JINT vzw as one of their Communication Officers, I also designed the following 2 materials: 
Concertina folded flyer
We wanted a simple flyer explaining what the organisation and its various subdivisions do, whilst showcasing photos from different projects funded by the European funding for Youth we were promoting, and the obligatory logos and legal information. 
Programme used: Adobe InDesign.
hard cover branded notebook
I designed all elements of the notebook, including the cover, the 4 informative pages at the start of the notebook as well as the layout for the dotted pages afterwards. Besides this, I followed up the entire process directly with the printing office, ensuring the process went smoothly and the notebooks were delivered in time.  
Programme used: Adobe InDesign.
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